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The lecture held in room 108-U110, UNIST

Brain Awareness Week is celebrated annually in the third week of March globally. Celebrating the 2023 Brain Awareness Week, the lecture was held in UNIST with the theme "Learning brain, Changing brain". This lecture opened to Ulsan citizens who are interested in neuroscience, cognitive science, and brain engineering.

"Learn how to control the third arm using the brain

Opening session

Professor Sung-Phil Kim made an opening talk as a chair of this event.

Lecture session

Professor Sung-Phil Kim's lecture was about the brain-computer interface with the title "Learning in terms of brain-computer interface: Learn how to control the third arm using the brain". He talked about the basic concepts of brain-computer interface and how the brain learns to control the prosthetic arm using the brain-computer interface.


A lot of students showed their interest in the topic. Active discussions were also made right after the lecture finished.

Special Thanks to

Eunseo, Yeongseon and Yujin

for helping this event!

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